Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Days with Dreams: all about enjoying peaceful moments at home

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you've surely already registered that my dear friend Sandra and I have launched Days with Dreams. I would like to tell you a little more about how it was born and what it's all about as there is lots of love behind the concept.

I've met Sandra (an unbelievable) 7 years ago in an office of an online startup in Prague. Two years down the line, Sandra has switched jobs and I followed her into the same company not too long after :) That was the 2nd time we worked together. We somehow knew there would be a 3rd time too and both of us felt it might be on our own project.

Dreams do really come true; about 3 years later, so this January, Sandra and I were at her home (right here), drinking Harney and Sons tea from princess-like tea cups and dreaming up our creative project, which we later named Days with Dreams.

Sandra is a well-known Czech blogger that writes about home decor, works as a photographer for a flower shop, is an interior designer at an architectural studio and lives her dream. She takes absolutely stunning photographs in her home full of relaxed, dreamy atmosphere, which I fell in love with years ago already. It was a no-brainer that her photos are going to play a big role in our project. I could instantly see how I would draw complimentary illustrations to her photos and we agreed very quickly we would create a calendar together.

A calendar that inspires you my dears to enjoy your days at home. To light up a candle, pick up your favorite book, forget about the world and dive into your own world. To set time aside just for you and to think of where you want your life to take you. Because each of us can live our dream. It might be 3 years from now, but it is totally doable.

We also knew straight from the start that we want the calendar to be not just as pretty as it can be, but also useful. That is why every page has the maximum possible space for you to write in notes and plan your days.

You can order your own 2016 Days with Dreams calendar either in our Etsy shop for €19 or in our Fler shop for 499 Kč. We ship both from Vienna and Prague and accept international orders.

I absolutely love sending out packages and letters and truly look forward to packing the orders, yay!

Cheers to the pretty, relaxed days of 2016!

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