Monday, 13 July 2015

Why I'm giving up on regular blogging + NEWS

Blueberries A4 print from my Etsy shop (see it here)

My 'Love' greeting card (see it here)
'Pink Blonde' watercolor illustration print (details here)
'Happy Day' blueberries note card (in my shop here)
Printable envelope with my Mocking Bird pattern (download it here)
"Good afternoon you lovely lot!"

(I totally borrowed that from PaperFest's newsletter that they sent out today, I'm so excited about PaperFest (no clue who they are? see here) and their communication is just so smooth and elegant, I would love to be so good with words myself. As I am not, I've borrowed it, but naturally, as I am a way too honest person, I would never ever use it without saying where I took it from.)

Speaking of not being a master of words, I'll be bluntly honest again: I am giving up on regular blogging

I believe you should absolutely LOVE what you do and I just don't love blogging (understand regular, for example once in a week) that much. On top of that, I am simply not able to construct naturally flowing and fun stories. If I ever did, it must have taken me hours.

What I do love though (ever since I was a child and my love is always growing) is drawing and being creative.

I am here in this world to do exactly that. I've already quit my day job in January to kick things off, but now, I am ready to drop more things on the road which are not quite exactly me. One thing being regular blogging.

I'm NOT saying you won't see a line of text from me here any time again, but I just can't promise it will be regular or happening often.

I am pretty sure though that I will have some exciting stuff I am dying to share with you roughly 1x a month or so and believe me, when I have something to say, I want to scream out loud.

So if you are okay with once a month, shall we see each other here again in August?

In the meantime, I'll be going to be seeing (I still can't believe I can actually say this) Cath Kidston in a couple of days in London at PaperFest (you sense how excited I am as this is the 3rd time I've mentioned it?) and will be spending a couple of days in a Czech countryside (forest, I'm coming!) with my family.

Oh and please let me know what you think of my newly re-launched Etsy shop, I've filled it with all greeting cards I've got in store (finally I succeeded in taking product photos on my own that I am happy with, YAY!) and also added my new art prints on top! 

Have a fantastic week and see you!
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