Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Inspiration: outline illustration + news from my world

Today I have a strong urge to show you two books I've been loving over the past weeks (over Instagram + blog) and the June calendar from Oana Befort. Apart from being absolutely stunning, all of the 3 pieces have one thing in common: outline illustration.

Outline illustration is (as you can tell) illustration without the use of color. Black and white, gorgeous detailed shapes, hello!

Oana's gorgeous June calendar, which you can download on her blog right here
Two - coloring - books I've been really enjoying seeing on Instagram in the past weeks ♥:

Dagdrömmar coloring book by Hanna Karlzon. I'm in love.
Photo credits: Hanna Karlzon's instagram feed (link here)
Second coloring book I instantly loved, coincidentally also by a Swedish illustrator, Tovelisa:

Photo credits: Tovelisa + more of her pictures from the book here

Photo credits: Tovelisa
I must admit I can't really imagine myself coloring these, I think I would just enjoy looking at the fine details of the drawings, as they are.

On a completely different note (from the private life drawer), I've been asked an interesting question today, which is worth sharing, I believe.

What is the difference between graphic design and illustration?

For me, illustration is all about natural, hand drawn lines. It is born on paper, it's not 100% perfect and I connect it with gift products (mostly gift wrap paper and greeting cards), fabric, wall art, tattoos and cute home accessories.

Graphic design sounds a little more serious to me, a little more grown up. The words that come to my mind are corporate, brand, clarity, communication, telling a story and presentation (also business to be honest). I am by no means trying to say that I like graphic design less. That thought doesn't even make sense to me, really.

Speaking of which, I actually have a news to share with you which is pretty big in my world :)

I was accepted to a 3 year Graphic Design evening school here in Vienna, yay! It was on my dream list for quite a while and I can't wait to learn more (I've been a little obsessed about learning things related to illustration, graphic design and freelancing recently).

So I am back to school as of October, wooohooh!

Apart from that, I'm wrapping up last bits and bobs for Feschmarkt in Vienna, which is happening this weekend. I'll be debuting new A4 prints there and a very limited sticker set and will be offering Feschmarkt-exclusive deal on greeting cards too. Drop by to say hello if you are in Vienna this weekend!

Oh and my website is getting a completely new, fresh look, have a look at it on Friday (, it should be sleek and pretty by then! Fingers crossed the launch goes smoothly ;)

So that's that from my world for now dears, I hope you are having a fantastic week and liked my little inspiration + news corner today. Was it a little scattered? I guess, but I really wanted to say it all :)

Bis bald! (German for see you soon!)

PS. I only have 3 months to somehow magically perfect my German skills as I'll be studying in German! I can already see myself sharing my funny German hiccups from classroom with you. At least it will be fun!
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