Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Lily garden pattern collection & a miracle story

Today has been full on. Actually, yesterday too. It's 7pm & I'm still in my art studio although I wanted to go to yoga (which starts exactly now).
I've been working till 11pm on some days recently and you know what? I adore it. When you work on your own projects and pursue your dream life, you stop noticing time. The joy from successes (however small!) pushes your boundaries and keeps you going forward.

I would love to share a project with you that I completed today, which happened due to a small miracle.

I took Bonnie Christine's 'Intro to Surface Pattern Design: Learn Adobe Illustrator' course and after 5 weeks (mostly learning during the nights), I've finished it today. It gave me an intro to illustrator and taught me how to put together pattern collections.

I've been admiring Bonnie's work for a long time and am reading her blog for about 2 years now. So when I figured that she's made this course, I've immediately placed it on my imaginary education wishlist with a priority #1.

And then a small miracle happened :)
One late night 5 weeks ago (some time around midnight), I was slowly but surely getting ready for bedtime and just quickly checked Instagram for the very last time that day. Bonnie has posted an image with the letters 'hoorraay' (this one) which made me curious and so I read the caption. I could not believe what I was reading. Bonnie was announcing that she is giving away 50 free course passes in cooperation with Besotted Blog: first come first serve, all you needed to do was to follow a link from Besotted Blog. 
All of a sudden I wasn't so tired. I managed to grab my laptop, sign in to my Skillshare account and follow the link within just a few seconds. I GOT IN on time! I made it within those 50 lucky ones.  
I'm pretty sure my neighbors heard my excitement as I screamed with joy, I was really that happy! 
The miracle had a following just this past Saturday when Bonnie released a volume 2 of the course and posted the very same image on Instagram. I was in a shopping mall with Chris at that moment and my world has stopped completely. I told him that I'll need to do this RIGHT NOW (again, 50 free spots were open, I was aware of every second that went pass by). In about 2 minutes, this time fully done on my phone, I GOT IN TOO!

So I'll be taking the second part as well :) I feel SO lucky and grateful that I can take both of the courses!

In any case, here are my process snapshots from the 1st course & my final pattern collection.

The topic of the project was 'Your favorite thing in the nature', so I think it won't be any surprise to you that I chose LILIES :)


  1. Oh so beautiful! I love the colours. https://morningchampagne.wordpress.com


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