Monday, 8 December 2014

23 envelopes with Christmas wishes are now ready to be sent out

I've spent the whole day today writing Christmas cards, looking up addresses and decorating envelopes.

Some of the 23 cards will, I believe, be a complete surprise and some will be more or less expected (for example Chris' parents can be quite sure to get one, I filled their winter garden with my mess today, so it will be a small 'thank you' and 'sorry you couldn't enjoy reading newspaper in your sofa today morning as I moved it in order to have more space for photography purposes').

I would love to know: are you sending out Christmas cards this year? Is that something you do every year?

For me, it's one of my Christmas rituals. I don't bake cookies for example; instead, I love spending hours writing cards and packing presents :)

This is how today looked like for me:

You might have seen this illustration of mine on my Instagram here or here
'Hand made' stamp from Paper Sushi
This one is ready for Chris to sign :)
These babies will be going out to Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, UK and Sweden
Can't wait to pop these in the post! 

Have a lovely rest of your day and enjoy the pre-Christmas atmosphere ♥

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