Sunday, 16 November 2014

Life lately: step by step towards a big dream

Image sources: left room image, right peach-colored products image, right wood & flowers image

So much has been happening 'behind the scenes' lately, yet there isn't much I can show. I think that's an ideal time for me to tell you what is it that I've been working on. 

  • Product photography. 
Draw a design, print greeting cards, take photos, post on Etsy, open a shop; can't be so hard, right? Well, things turned out a little different.  
I've bought decorations, spent 3 hours taking photos of my greeting cards and about 2 more hours post editing them, only to find out that I don't like the shots enough to have them as product images for my shop... Face palm. 
Since then, I've researched tons about product photography, bought a white backdrop, created my own wooden desk (which is drying as I type) and will do a round two of product photos. 
I've also created a Pinterest inspiration board with gorgeous product photography images, like the ones above. 
It's going to take about a month longer than originally expected, but it all turned out to be a great learning project & I now have my own equipment for beautiful photography to come, yay! :) 

  • Changes at work. 
Major changes on the horizon. Will tell you more once I can! Though it might be pretty self-explanatory :)

  • Temporary tattoos. 
After the first order that arrived last week turned out amazeballs, I've ordered more designs today. That'll be in total 5 designs, all ready for a showoff in my shop. YAYS!

  • Tax & paper work. 
I've been having some really smart (totally sarcastic here :), all in German discussions about my trade license with the finance office here in Vienna. I used a lot of hand signage to explain words like total revenue and profit, but I think I've learnt more practical German in that 45 minute meeting than in my German lessons in the last 1 month. 

  • Studio.
I fell in love with an art studio. It's a little too early to talk about this (sounds like a fresh relationship, heh?), but I'll tell you more soon!

  • Feschmarkt.
Chris and I have checked out a local young designers' market called Feschmarkt on Friday. It takes place in a lofty-looking, two-story, old brewery, which feels a little like a maze, but has a great atmosphere ideal for a design market. We had a little of a 'déjà vu' as we've been there already once at a party two years ago and even then we felt a little lost in all the rooms there are :)
It was great to see the products of local artists & designers and say hello to Adiam from Dubaruba. We got to know each other in shared office spaces 2 years ago when she was working for an investor company full time and since then, she's started her own design shop and works on it full time. I love stories like this! 

Quite a few of my friends are now going through a work-related change in their life. Seems like 2015 will be full of great new beginnings! 

The biggest learning for me so far (in the past 1+ year blogging and recently working on opening a shop), has been not to give up. There will be lots of hurdles, things to solve, situations harder than expected and things taking twice as much effort as I presumed, but I love the process and with every small project ticked off, I'm getting closer to my dream of doing what I love


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