Sunday, 23 November 2014

New in: stationery and jewelry from interesting places

- lovely treasures I recently discovered, completely by surprise -

Loving this pendant from Myns with a secret inside, which I got at a local bloggers event organised by Fashion Camp Vienna. Out of many 'secrets' to choose from, my best friend Begimai chose this little buddha for me, which brings fulfillment & inspiration. Couldn't be happier with that!
I've been thinking of ordering Flash Tattoos for quite a while, so when I saw them at a shoe shop counter in New York, they were in my bag in a split of a second. One of the packages includes many bracelets, necklaces and rings in gold and silver. Yay!

Apart from jewelry, I got myself these stationery pretties:

These have, too, popped at me at unexpected places. I've gotten the pencil at Feschmarkt, local designers' market, from a Czech stationery brand, Papelote. The girls at Papelote weren't at all surprised that I started speaking Czech at them, here in Vienna; I guess I was by far not the only Czech there :) 

The washi tapes and scissors are from a newly open Japanese take out, o.m.k., which I've discovered through a graphic designer that did their branding and posted the project on her Facebook Page. From a trip for a yummy dinner, I ended up with not just amazing food, but washi tapes, double sided gift wrapping paper and scissors as well!

Scissors, washi tapes and gift paper visible on pictures above, all from House Doctor (through o.m.k. in Vienna)

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Life lately: step by step towards a big dream

Image sources: left room image, right peach-colored products image, right wood & flowers image

So much has been happening 'behind the scenes' lately, yet there isn't much I can show. I think that's an ideal time for me to tell you what is it that I've been working on. 

  • Product photography. 
Draw a design, print greeting cards, take photos, post on Etsy, open a shop; can't be so hard, right? Well, things turned out a little different.  
I've bought decorations, spent 3 hours taking photos of my greeting cards and about 2 more hours post editing them, only to find out that I don't like the shots enough to have them as product images for my shop... Face palm. 
Since then, I've researched tons about product photography, bought a white backdrop, created my own wooden desk (which is drying as I type) and will do a round two of product photos. 
I've also created a Pinterest inspiration board with gorgeous product photography images, like the ones above. 
It's going to take about a month longer than originally expected, but it all turned out to be a great learning project & I now have my own equipment for beautiful photography to come, yay! :) 

  • Changes at work. 
Major changes on the horizon. Will tell you more once I can! Though it might be pretty self-explanatory :)

  • Temporary tattoos. 
After the first order that arrived last week turned out amazeballs, I've ordered more designs today. That'll be in total 5 designs, all ready for a showoff in my shop. YAYS!

  • Tax & paper work. 
I've been having some really smart (totally sarcastic here :), all in German discussions about my trade license with the finance office here in Vienna. I used a lot of hand signage to explain words like total revenue and profit, but I think I've learnt more practical German in that 45 minute meeting than in my German lessons in the last 1 month. 

  • Studio.
I fell in love with an art studio. It's a little too early to talk about this (sounds like a fresh relationship, heh?), but I'll tell you more soon!

  • Feschmarkt.
Chris and I have checked out a local young designers' market called Feschmarkt on Friday. It takes place in a lofty-looking, two-story, old brewery, which feels a little like a maze, but has a great atmosphere ideal for a design market. We had a little of a 'déjà vu' as we've been there already once at a party two years ago and even then we felt a little lost in all the rooms there are :)
It was great to see the products of local artists & designers and say hello to Adiam from Dubaruba. We got to know each other in shared office spaces 2 years ago when she was working for an investor company full time and since then, she's started her own design shop and works on it full time. I love stories like this! 

Quite a few of my friends are now going through a work-related change in their life. Seems like 2015 will be full of great new beginnings! 

The biggest learning for me so far (in the past 1+ year blogging and recently working on opening a shop), has been not to give up. There will be lots of hurdles, things to solve, situations harder than expected and things taking twice as much effort as I presumed, but I love the process and with every small project ticked off, I'm getting closer to my dream of doing what I love

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Greeting cards have arrived! + an answer to a frequently asked question of 'When is the shop opening?'

These babies are already at my home and I am ever so happy with them! I can't wait to be packing them and sending them out to their new owners with love.

A lot of my friends are asking me when will I (finally? :) open the shop. I knoooow, I talk about it all the time, but it's not here yet! Why?

I must admit the shop planning has been a huuuuuge learning curve for me. Being a perfectionist, I want to make sure every detail is as great as I would expect it if I was my customer and I've set the expectation bar very high up. That means for example that I printed the cards at the best printing house I knew (in London to be exact) and I keep on working on more and more small little surprises to add to the packages (this might be the most exciting part for me!). I would have had a much easier time if I did not care, but I do, so much!

I would rather open the shop a little late, making sure that I am happy with all the details such for example product photography, which I still need to work on.

Having a full time job at the same time is a little challenging, but I'll get there and I am so ready to do all it takes. The vision of you opening a package from me, being super happy about it, drives me forward. Apart from that I love every bit of the process; it's my little dream coming true.

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