Monday, 27 October 2014

Snapshots from New York: first ever trip to the US all in pictures

First time in New York (and the US) for both Chris and I; we loved it!
Brooklyn Bridge walk
A few steps away from Wall Street
Absolutely stunning, majestic buildings & beautiful design (signs, company logos, doors, etc.) at every corner
Lovely details all around
MoMA had lots of contemporary art, which I am not a fan of; but the work of Henri Matisse made the visit all worth it
Spotted lovely Garance Doré stationery!
Small treasures
One of my favorites: Chelsea Market full of quirky little shops, Halloween decorations & artists selling goods
I kept on staring out of the window in our hotel, because THIS was just hypnotizing

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

SNEAK PEEK: greeting cards for a soon-to-open shop

After two nights of processing my artwork on a computer and placing orders, these babies are now off to print, YAY! The two designs above, as well as a few other beautiful cards, will open my shop in November

Long months were leading up to this moment and I am ever SO excited. I mean like happy dance excited, laughing like a kid excited, being happy every day thanks to this excited. REALLY excited!

I've long known that art is my higher purpose. Creating artwork for others to gift to their beloved ones. Encouraging people to put the extra effort into gifting by selecting artwork made with care and by sharing personal, handwritten notes from the heart. This is my mission. 

I'm so ready and thrilled to do this. 

PS. I also ordered some absolutely lovely tiny matching stickers, which I'll be using to spread the love on packages. Can't wait to see these cute sticky things!

PSS. I'll be announcing the opening on Facebook if you want to see the cards hit the shop. 

Have a fab day, ideally incl. a happy dance, laughs like a child and a happy heart. It's the best stuff. 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Where to buy illustrated artwork for your home?

Image source
Our home is tiny and about 3 walls out of the 5 available aren't suited for hanging artwork. Yet I still manage to somehow squeeze in artwork as I just can't live without it.
Due to the limited space at home, I buy artwork probably once a year only and I can tell you, it is always such a treat!

I love choosing the artwork by colors in our interior, considering the drawing's mood and how will it fit with the place in my home I want to fill, selecting top 5 pieces, consulting the selection with Chris, ordering the artwork and then unpacking the baby at home! All of these stages are super exciting (like Christmas, but you are getting something that you've carefully selected and enjoy looking at every day)!

Today I would like to share my top 4 online platforms where you can buy illustrated artwork. So if you've got some empty walls at home and happen to like illustration, you might want to consider treating yourself to an early Christmas gift :)

1. Curioos

- a curated platform focused on art prints only (in other words, they make sure that the artwork displayed on their site is top notch)
- they focus on digital artwork. That means the artist created the work on a computer. You will not believe what work is done on the computer, whilst totally looking like hand-drawn. Check this one out
- Curioos prints the artwork for you (and they have really high quality prints, I've got two pieces from them and was really surprised by the sturdiness of the paper)
- they ship from Paris and so if you are based in Europe, like me, you'll be surprised how fast the package arrives (I believe they ship from New York too)
- they usually sell limited editions (e.g. your piece will be a print number 2 out of 10)

Tip: Sign up for their newsletter; they sometimes run campaigns with free shipping, which seriously saves bucks.

I have these two gorgeous prints at home. The wolf is in our kitchen (a really large print) and the lady is welcoming us in our entrance (A3 size). LOVE them.
Lady by Floyd Grey (image from here), 'Dinner Time' by Balázs Solti (image from here)


2. Society6

- a huuuuuuuuuge selection of artwork
- all sorts of artwork types: from photography, to watercolor, digital, you name it
- artwork prints, t-shirts, wall clock, shower curtains and many more products (so if you want a matching computer skin and a phone cover, this is your place)
- Society6 prints all the products themselves
- I can't talk about the quality of print from Society6 as I haven't yet ordered anything from them, but I am convinced it is of a very good quality (it's their business, it better be :)

If I had more walls to fill at home, I would totally consider getting these two pretties!
left: Audrey by Jenny Liz Rome, right: Sketch V by Holly Sharpe

3. Etsy

- there is a ton of artwork of all sorts to choose from
- Etsy does not print the artwork, so the quality of the print is described in each listing depending on how each of the sellers print their work
- some sellers do a top notch work in terms of personal customer service; it can be so rewarding to buy from sellers directly rather than buying from a re-seller who might not have such a bond to the work

Polar Bear by Sandra Dieckmann

4. Directly from the artist 

- a great way to support your favorite artist as they do not have to pay a commission to a re-seller
- naturally, the artist him/herself is responsible for the print quality
- don't be afraid of high prices, artists usually sell both prints (the cheaper version) as well as originals. Prints tend to be really affordable and still look fabulous.

MissLed sells her work through her own online shop & Liz Clements sometimes sells her work through Instagram (apart from selling it on Etsy too).

left: Paris by Liz Clements, right: Paloma by MissLed

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Today we are visiting my dream studio, come in!

Image by Gabor Schlosser
I've been dreaming of my art studio for quite some time and since I've built a pretty detailed vision of how that dream studio looks like, I've decided to visualise it through images so that it is one step closer :) Let me invite you for a pop over, this is where I work on my artwork in my head.

The studio is in an old Viennese house, which has a lofty extension to it and is a 30 minute commute from my home. It's located in an artsy area of Vienna, with pop up stores, little design shops and galleries close by.

We walk up to the last floor and enter a huge loft work space, where a couple other freelancers work. They are all lovely people by the way!
My station is located in a corner and is one of the quieter areas within the shared offices.

The ceilings are really high, allowing tons of daylight to shine through.

Photo found on Pinterest here
Credits, from left to right, top to bottom: one, two, three
Some walls are exposed, showing a pretty brick structure, other walls are clean white. There is lots of white & black, contrasted by warm spots and splashes of color.

My corner has two desks: one with my computer, scanner and other technical bits and bobs, and the other desk is purely for drawing and creating.

Credits: left, right
All my art materials, brushes, magazines with inspiration, materials for wrapping orders, papers, etc., are neatly stored in an easy-to-reach storage.

Photo found here
There is a good amount of plants around, which bring life to the otherwise relatively cold lofty space. 

One, two
There are a couple of cozy corners, where I flip through magazines to get inspiration and relax a bit after a long day of art work. These also serve as perfect mini photo shoot stations where I can take pictures of my products.  

From left to right, top to bottom: one, two, three
So now that you've seen where I work, let's grab a lunch at my favorite veggie restaurant close by. The owners are lovely, we became friends as I go there almost every day :) Shall we?

Photo found here
Thanks for dropping by! Feel free to come by again, this time in reality :) Enjoy the rest of your day!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Celebrating 1 year with an Etsy 50 EUR gift card giveaway

Exactly 1 year ago, Natalie Zart was born and that is something I would love to celebrate with you! 

I can't bake a yummy cake to share with you and so instead, I would like to treat one of you to a €50 Etsy gift card

I am crazy into pretty, handmade, unique and design products, so I figured giving out an Etsy voucher is a perfect way to celebrate this birthday together. 

The lucky winner will be able to use the voucher for anything he/she wishes to, but if you are feeling a little uninspired, here are a few adorable products from my favorite Etsy sellers. All of them are priced under €50, so in other words, free for the lucky one of you ;)

one | two | three | four
How can you participate? 

Simply leave a comment below telling me what you would genuinely like to see more of on my blog. 

So far, I've been sharing inspirational photos with you, my own illustrations, photos from my travels and art from other illustrators that I admire. 
Are there any features that you are missing? Any post types you would like to see more often? I will really appreciate any feedback; at the end of the day, I would like you to enjoy visiting this space. 

Make sure that I can get in touch with you in case you are the lucky winner. That is, if you are leaving a comment any other way than using a Google account, then please note down your e-mail address. 

Anybody can take part & entries are open till 10.10.2014 (10am GMT+1 time). 
I will choose the winner and announce it in this post on 11.10.2014.
The Etsy gift card will be e-mailed to the winner. 

Petra Svejdova


Your €50 Etsy gift card has been e-mailed to you. 

€5 off the first item you buy from Etsy 
Simply use this link:

Thank you for taking part & cheers to the exciting times ahead!
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