Sunday, 24 August 2014

Objects of the day: 23.8.2014

Some of my yesterday's highlights :) I realised sometimes I should let things (drawings) just be simple. 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Why I love walking in the forest

Chris and I went for an afternoon walk into the forest last Sunday. I've been wanting to go for such a long time!

I've spent majority of my childhood summers in Sweden, visiting my aunt, who had a house on an edge of a forest. I would just walk behind the house and enter the magical world of moss, blueberries and bugs. I spent long hours sitting at a rock, exploring the miniature world of every leaf around me, playing with imaginary tiny creatures.

This childhood obsession with forest has stuck with me. Here is what I love about it nowadays:

- crunchy branches under feet
- mushroom picking
- blueberry picking
- looking at tiny little details like rain drops caught on spider webs
- observing bugs
- the colors of wild flowers
- pressing Jewelweed seedpods which explode when touched
- being super quiet and observing, hoping to see a doe (we saw one on Sunday! She was sooooooo pretty, but ran away the moment I tried to reach for my camera)
- that feeling of the forest being a tiny little bit scary, but super exciting
- sun rays coming through the trees
- lonely wood houses
- wearing comfy shoes, long pants and a fleece jacket
- rain drops hitting the leaves

I've pretty much built up a forest walk craving in my head now just by listing these :)

Do you feel the same about the forest? 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Birthday card to download and print: introducing FREEBIES

I fell in love with designing birthday cards for my close family and friends.
This one was for my dad's 50th and I think it would be a shame not to share it with you. Feel free to print it out and give it to your dear ones for their special day!

Download the card here.

The file will automatically start downloading in your browser window.

I've printed it out at a local copy shop, it turned out beautifully on a 300g silk finish paper. I've also had it cut and folded by the copy shop and was really pleased with the way it turned out!

If you are printing the file at home, make sure you print the file out at 100% scale so that the card prints out in the correct size. The final print should be 213 x 151mm. It is made with a 'bleed'; that is, it allows for a millimeter or two cut off on the edges.

When folded, the final card will measure 150 x 105 mm. That's your standard greeting card size which fits greeting card envelopes.


*For personal use only

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Handwritten letters from grandma

I'm always so excited and touched when I open the letterbox and I see an envelope with my grandma's handwriting on it.

Last time I was in Prague, I asked my grandma to show me some of the drawings she's done in the past. She was a graphic designer and drew various advertising materials, posters and invites for the company she worked for.

The image above was one of my favorites from the works she's showed me and now my grandma has made a copy of it and sent it to me as a surprise. I had tears in my eyes. I will keep this for ever 

Do you also receive handwritten letters? If yes, do you also consider them so special?

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Uppercase magazine review

22 is my birthdate and favorite number, which is one of the reasons WHY.... 
I've selected Uppercase for my first ever ad!
(Obviously not just because of number 22 :) 
This card just got me - what an amazing and creative idea!
(The other page of the postcard is blank)

It features lots and lots of gorgeous photographs
and illustrations.
& now I am off to actually reading the articles, yay!
A couple more notes about the mag:
  • It is shipped from Canada (this already makes it special for me).
  • My order was delayed for technical reasons and the owner herself has sent me an apology e-mail, clearly informing me about when will my delivery come. I SO appreciate when the owner genuinely cares for the customers and shows it with actions. Thank you Janine.
  • First positive surprise when the package arrived and I opened it: the magazine is non-glossy. Yes, yes, yes! Absolutely love it. It feels so much nicer than regular mags and reflects the simplicity and beauty of handcraft. 
  • No ads (yes, I have paid to be listed, but I am talking the regular, full page, annoying ads - they are not here).
  • Their newsletter rocks. I normally dislike newsletters. Uppercase's is not the spammy newsletter you delete once it hits your inbox and look for unsubscribe link immediately. No, this is actually great content that I read asap. Simply smart. 
That's that, I have 2 more issues coming within the next six months and am very happy about that!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Garden: the best source of inspiration

It's no secret that I love drawing flowers the most and therefore, nature is my biggest pool of inspiration. I can spend hours studying tiny little corners in a garden, looking at every leaf closely, taking photographs of plants and blooms from various angles and thinking of compositions to draw.

That is exactly what I've done the past weekend. I now have a small inspiration overdose, where I would really like to draw, am even putting together pieces in my mind, but I simply did not have any time to actually sit at a desk and get drawing.
On top of that, I have two other illustration projects in progress that I am dying to finish :)

Busy as a bee, but ever so happy.
Thank you mother nature.
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