Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Revisiting my dad's studio last weekend

Chris and I have spent the last weekend in Prague and I took pictures in my dad's studio. 
The studio has very high ceilings, lots of direct sunlight and a loft-like atmosphere as some parts of it are exposed to concrete and the overall space is purpose-driven. It's messy, it's got old furniture mixed up with new, it has plants, lots of materials lying around and huge canvases leaning against or hanging on the walls. 
I love the atmosphere that literally invites you to touch things lying around and look at intricate details like dried up blobs of color on various surfaces. 
Huge inspiration to me. 
I can't wait to dive into my own creative world when the time allows. 


  1. Nádherné obrazy ..... ten voják :o) krása .... Marki

  2. Moc me tesi, ze se ti take libi :) Dekuji!


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