Thursday, 8 May 2014

DYI: Book covering

I remember we had to cover some of our textbooks with ugly plastic cover in primary school. Did you have to do that too? I honestly can't even remember why we had to do it.

Recently, I gave this a twist. I started covering books I read with pretty paper. I bought a set of The Japanese Paper Place Book Arts Roll (official website here, one reseller here) last year and never really found a perfect use for them, until I used them on what they are to be used for: books. One morning I somehow realised I don't want everybody in the underground to see that I am reading The Secret (for the 10th time) and I guess I felt a little creative in my morning get-ready-for-work rush and I grabbed the paper, quickly wrapped my book with it and fell in love with that since then.

So why cover books?

- if you pass on books you've read to your friends, they go to their next owner in a much better condition
- it simply looks way nicer to carry around a book in a cover. Simple patterns can sometimes even match your outfit (let's start a new hipster fashion?)
- nobody will ever judge you by the cover :)

Here is my quick guide, it literally takes 5 minutes:
VoilĂ !
Very pretty inspiration for book covering can be seen here, here and here.


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