Tuesday, 29 April 2014

April drawing: baking a cake with grandma

Today I was inspired by a pure imagination of my grandma and I baking a cherry cake on a Sunday. 

That peaceful atmosphere at your grandma's house, your grandma guiding you with a recipe she knows by heart and both of you enjoying moments of manually working together. The ingredients in your hands, smell of fresh fruit, nibbles (when grandma is looking for that bowl of hers) and a sunny day outside of the window. 

All of that has inspired me to create a mood board with a color scheme and then draw a very simple, yet carefully planned illustration. 

I wish it was a Sunday tomorrow and I could pop over to my grandma's. 

Sources of images used in my mood board:

  • Lecker cherry cake (incl. a recipe!) can be found at Fräulein Klein's gorgeous blog here
  • I could not find the original source of the light blue vase (although I always search the image on Google to find the original source), but you can see it on Pinterest here

Monday, 28 April 2014

Letterpress - visiting DruckZeug studio in Graz

I've been curious about letterpress for quite some time as I literally knew nothing about it and only admired beautiful greeting cards on Pinterest and Etsy, apparently printed with it. What caught my attention about letterpress, and is still the number 1 factor why I like this technique, is the fact that the machine presses the letters (or images) into the paper, which gives the final product a very special touch.

So when I got to learn that there is a letterpress studio here in Austria, which offers guided tours, I convinced Chris to come with me and we visited it on Saturday. Chris has been extremely patient with my design-related needs recently, helping me screen print t-shirts for 9 hours straight at the beginning of April (I still have to show these here, I know!) and now going to a letterpress tour with me. I'm such a lucky girl!

The letterpress studio we visited is called DruckZeug and is located in Graz. To me, it felt a bit like a museum; but actually, it is a studio where one can come and print too. It however does have a special atmosphere that made me feel like I was going back to the 1900s.

I did not quite get to printing myself, but at least, I saw how an actual letterpress looks like and learned a bit about how it works.

If you are also curious, I found this little video, which explains the process nicely:

Here are a few images from our Saturday's tour:

A pretty card I bought at DruckZeug

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Easter in Sweden: 2014

These are a few images from our Easter stay in Sweden. Our holidays there are always soooo peaceful. We spend days walking on the beach, visiting small towns and exploring the nature.

As every year, we visited my beloved flower shop in Simrishamn called Kockska Gården Blommor. Apart from flowers, they sell gorgeous wrapping papers, home accessories, boxes and all sorts of pretty things. Another place I had to come back to is a design shop in the middle of fields called Kabusa Design Factory (look how gorgeous it is!) and for the first time, we've been to a local spa (this one) where you can run from sauna straight into the sea.

It is truly a magical place.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Pattern design no. 1: Mocking Bird

I've made my first ever pattern design today. It took quite a bit of research, many trial and error attempts and a few hours, but it was all worth it. I am pleased with Mr. Mocking Bird. 

Mr. Mocking Bird has aspirations to become a freebie wallpaper :)

Monday, 14 April 2014

Favorite Finds: week 15 - Night Edition

These two illustrations are so witty and cute; I fell for them instantly.

Top: "Full Moon" by Wawawiwa Design
Bottom: "Good Night, Sleep Tight" by Zach Terrell

I've discovered both on I love illustration Facebook Page (it is in Polish, which I myself do not speak, but it is well worth a follow for really great pieces that they post).

Night night!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Drawing of the month: March

I must admit I have not had much time to draw in March, I mostly scribbled some small doodles, some of which were completely useless; but somehow, these violet flowers bloomed on my table too. Definitely my favorite for the last month.
I hope you like it too :)

Friday, 4 April 2014

Friday flowers - brighten up your home for the weekend

It has become a small tradition of mine that I drop by a flower shop (I love the Lederleitner in Vienna) every Friday after work so that we have fresh flowers at home for the weekend.
I like to buy a smaller bouquet for our breakfast table and a taller bouquet for the kitchen bar. 
Having breakfast at a table with flowers is that one extra thing that makes my weekend mornings even brighter :)
So have a great one and if you need to cheer up a little, get yourself some flowers!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Easter in Sweden - can't wait!

In just 15 days, Chris and I are going to Sweden for Easter, for the third time. I absolutely cannot wait and will definitely take some pics to share with you too. The ones above are from last year's trip. 

Skåne, which is the region we visit, has a tradition for Easter, where locals open pop up design shops, art exhibitions, markets with handmade products and flower shops for the holidays. You can pick up a map from the local tourist office, showing you what is happening in each village and you drive around the whole region to see local art. 

This sweet tradition + beaches and the sea + Swedish design = Nat in heaven.

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