Monday, 24 February 2014

Seventh Tree Soaps – 11 reasons why these soaps have won my heart

I've discovered Seventh Tree Soaps on Etsy a couple of months back and I immediately knew that these natural handmade vegan soaps are right up my alley. They've made it to my home last week and I waited with opening of the package till Saturday morning just so that I could peacefully enjoy the moment and take some pictures. Let me tell you why I think that these soaps are pretty special:

These little creatures have flown 15 973 kilometers to get to me. The thought of that distance makes me imagine where they stopped over, how many people moved them from a place to place and how many days they were on the way. It's somehow fairytale-like to me.

Amy, the owner, has quit her previous job in finance sector and now runs her Etsy shop full time. We keep on hearing and talking about “do what you love most” a lot, but very few have the guts to actually do it. I am a huge fan of the ones who do.

THE SMELL. The little owls smell so soft and truly natural. I keep on sniffing them, though their light scent fills the whole room (at least I think so, maybe I just sniffed them too close too often and have the scent on my nose :).

The lovely handmade and very detailed packaging that matches the owl color. You can really see that each of the boxes that the owls come in has been handmade from scratch. I think this is just mind-blowing and makes me appreciate the product so much more.

The pink owl is called “Philosopher's Walk” and the blue one is “Under the Waves”. You get the point, it's the names. They add another layer of attention to detail and fit perfectly. Amy, how did you come up with all this?

How soft they are. Not only I have the urge to smell them, I also stroke them. They are very cuddly! (Believe me, I normally really do not cuddle soaps)

THE SHAPE. I am not like, obsessed with owls, nor do I collect them; but I just somehow really like these guys (read animals). They've got a funky head, they live in the night, they fly funny, ... I like them.

The colors. They are so soft and pastel-like. A really nice fit to the overall theme of natural, handmade and vegan.

I very much like the idea of supporting a small business that deserves it. I think Amy must have done tons of work to get where she is now; I really like her product and I kind of did not care how much it was. I would not be able to pay a fortune, but I am very fond of the idea of buying products from people that make a living by creating handmade items. Very fond.

There was a cute little surprise note (that's the bird card) with a coupon code for next order. I am already thinking of what I'll get.

The details. Starting by the hand made boxes, the stickers, the names, etc., all the way to the tiny little pupil you can see in the owl's eye; Amy has really thought this through.


  1. Thank you for your lovely and thoughtful review. Most of the soaps are named after places that I've visited or my favourite songs. Philosophers Walk is a beautiful cherryblossom tree lined canal in Tokyo, a very magical place to be during cherryblossom season. Under the Waves is from a Fiona Apple song. Many thanks again

    1. Thank YOU Amy for creating such inspiring and beautiful products. I am touched that you have left a comment, it has truly made my day :) All the best! Natalie


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