Friday, 28 February 2014

Drawing of the month: February

These are closeups of two of my February illustrations. I went back to my good old friend ink and I think we will remain best friends for a while now.
I am hoping to be able to reveal the full picture of the second illustration soon, it will be a small surprise :)
Have a fantastic weekend (and maybe wafles for breakfast tomorrow)!

Monday, 24 February 2014

Seventh Tree Soaps – 11 reasons why these soaps have won my heart

I've discovered Seventh Tree Soaps on Etsy a couple of months back and I immediately knew that these natural handmade vegan soaps are right up my alley. They've made it to my home last week and I waited with opening of the package till Saturday morning just so that I could peacefully enjoy the moment and take some pictures. Let me tell you why I think that these soaps are pretty special:

These little creatures have flown 15 973 kilometers to get to me. The thought of that distance makes me imagine where they stopped over, how many people moved them from a place to place and how many days they were on the way. It's somehow fairytale-like to me.

Amy, the owner, has quit her previous job in finance sector and now runs her Etsy shop full time. We keep on hearing and talking about “do what you love most” a lot, but very few have the guts to actually do it. I am a huge fan of the ones who do.

THE SMELL. The little owls smell so soft and truly natural. I keep on sniffing them, though their light scent fills the whole room (at least I think so, maybe I just sniffed them too close too often and have the scent on my nose :).

The lovely handmade and very detailed packaging that matches the owl color. You can really see that each of the boxes that the owls come in has been handmade from scratch. I think this is just mind-blowing and makes me appreciate the product so much more.

The pink owl is called “Philosopher's Walk” and the blue one is “Under the Waves”. You get the point, it's the names. They add another layer of attention to detail and fit perfectly. Amy, how did you come up with all this?

How soft they are. Not only I have the urge to smell them, I also stroke them. They are very cuddly! (Believe me, I normally really do not cuddle soaps)

THE SHAPE. I am not like, obsessed with owls, nor do I collect them; but I just somehow really like these guys (read animals). They've got a funky head, they live in the night, they fly funny, ... I like them.

The colors. They are so soft and pastel-like. A really nice fit to the overall theme of natural, handmade and vegan.

I very much like the idea of supporting a small business that deserves it. I think Amy must have done tons of work to get where she is now; I really like her product and I kind of did not care how much it was. I would not be able to pay a fortune, but I am very fond of the idea of buying products from people that make a living by creating handmade items. Very fond.

There was a cute little surprise note (that's the bird card) with a coupon code for next order. I am already thinking of what I'll get.

The details. Starting by the hand made boxes, the stickers, the names, etc., all the way to the tiny little pupil you can see in the owl's eye; Amy has really thought this through.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Covered in Tattly

Package of 13 (12 I ordered, one was a surprise!) Tattly tattoos has made it from the US to Austria last week and I patiently waited with the application till I can take pictures. That day has finally come TODAY and I could not be happier with the tattoos. Absolutely love them. Going out with them for a dinner and some dancing tonight. Fully content.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Favorite Finds: Week 7 (pastel edition)

I ran across these lovely images on We Heart It, which is an application that allows you to create your own boards from pictures you find within the app or pictures you upload yourself. I browse it from time to time on my phone to find beautiful illustrations, inspiration and images that make me day dream. 

The pieces above speak childhood to me; they make me think of an ice cream, a hot summer day, room filled with bright day light and that moment on vacation, when you have nothing to worry about and for a couple of seconds, you look outside, smile and think how amazing everything is. 

Credit: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sunday trip to Lednice Castle

I've been wanting to take Chris to Lednice Castle for a very long time already and we somehow never got to it. Today was the big day and although it was chilly and it drizzled, it was an amazing trip.

Lednice is on the border of Czech Republic and Austria and is one of the most beautiful Czech castles I know. It's not just the castle itself that I love - it's also the park surrounding it, small attractions in the park, a greenhouse attached to the castle (with goldfish!) and cute little cafés and wine shops close by. 

If you'll ever be visiting this region, do make sure you drop by, it is a place well worth a visit.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Favorite Finds: Week 6

(numbered from left to right, from top to bottom)

Last week I found these lovely artists/ blogs/ things that I just need to share with you:

  1. Eva is a graphic designer living in Quebec, Canada and her floral and animal illustrations are just adorable. This is her very sweet About introduction and this is her Etsy shop. 
  2. Tel Aviv based Gabriella Barouch and her fairytale-like illustration of animals, kids and nature. I am in love with her style!
  3. Very pretty calligraphy at Lindsay Letters shop here. I so wish I could write like this!  
  4. The cutest designs, illustrations and products (and the cutest newborn baby!) at the newly discovered Zü blog - you've gotta have a look here :)
  5. You might see me walking around covered in temporary tattoos by Tattly very soon. My first order is on its way. I sense that this might be my new obsession.
  6. I've discovered this new blog a couple of days back and I think I have visited it about twice a day since then. Get ready to get addicted to 79ideas blog here. I particularly love the About section and really like Radostina's photography. Her pictures of Prague, my ex-home town (I am now home in Vienna! :), make me feel nicely nostalgic.
Highly recommended: take 30 mins of alone time, make yourself comfy in bed or sofa, have a tea close by, dim lighting and peacefully go through the six links at your own pace, picking out what you loved the most. Enjoy!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Peaceful weekend drawing Liv Tyler

I've started sketching out this lady last week on Tuesday night and am really happy my free schedule yesterday allowed me to finish it. Two evenings, roughly 8 hours of work accompanied by amazing music (thank you Amy!), lots of tea, candles and a small bundle of rose hip.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Favorite Finds: Week 5

There is so much gorgeous art I see by amazing artists that I follow that I decided to do a weekly 'favorite finds' series. I am not sure if I will be able to keep up every week, but I will neatly number each series with the week number so that it is clear when I discovered these.

Enjoy and feel free to follow these artists, I will always credit them with a link under the collection.

1: Illustrator Jenna Rainey shows her studio in a brand new and gorgeous online magazine called Trouvé (see it here).
2: Thailand-based illustrator known on Facebook as Him HP practicing digital painting (follow him here).
3: Agnes-Cecile's most recent painting. You can see her absolutely stunning art pieces here.
4: Liz Clements' 'quick one'. For a regular dose of beautifully illustrated ladies, follow her on Instagram here.
5: For beautiful colors, neat design and photography, you can Like designlovefest Facebook Page here.

Please note that I selected these images from the bottom of my heart. I truly enjoy following these artists and thought that you might too :)

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