Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Illustration around us - IKEA's Växtglädje present bag

It was my birthday exactly a week ago.
From all the birthday cards and presents, I could see how much my friends and family know me. Lots of illustrated cards and present boxes. I am blessed to have such attentive people around me.
I particularly fell in love with this illustrated present bag from IKEA called Växtglädje. I could not stop looking at it. There is so much to explore!
Unfortunately, I could not find the illustrator of this drawing as he/she is not credited on the bag, nor could I find it mentioned anywhere online.
Anyways, the bag is super sweet!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Drawing of the month: 1/12

As I can generally draw only once or twice a week in the evenings, I think it will be quite handy to start a "Drawing of the month" series, where I will publish pieces, which I have been most content with in the last 1 month. So let's start - this one is for January!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Screen printing course in January 2014


After many years of looking for a screen printing studio where I could go back to what I studied at University College Falmouth, I found dasviadukt in Vienna, which offers screen printing courses.
I did this course the last weekend and cannot wait to come back to the studio to print a collection of t-shirts! So exciting!
Do let me know if you like the ones above - the motif was a pure experiment (an old drawing of mine), but still, do you like them?

Sunday, 19 January 2014

My first ever Kinfolk magazine (part 2/2)

I finally had some time to take pictures of my beautiful first Kinfolk mag. 
I love the way the magazine is designed - the photography, the fonts, everything about it. It has a very simple, yet detailed and neat styling and overall, it just screams peace. 
I must admit that I have not read any of the articles yet, but even just flipping through the pages feels great. 

The simple white and soft pink t-shirts that I laid under the magazine are t-shirts that I screen printed on this weekend. I will soon share some pics from my screen printing course, which I have enjoyed very much! 

Do you read any magazines? If yes, let me know which ones and what's great about them! :)

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Late 2013 drawings

These are some of my recent sketches that I really enjoyed making.
Most of the time, I draw during the nights.
I have some amazing music on and am very deeply focused; but at the same time, as the drawing progresses, I am getting excited about the results and I sometimes even dance around my table out of pure joy. Drawing simply makes me a happy person.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My first ever Kinfolk magazine (part 1/2)

I've got to know about the Kinfolk magazine somehow through Oana Befort's blog. Did I mention she is one of my favorite illustration artists and I adore her blog?

I think you should totally check her blog out for gorgeous drawings, cute little boy stories and pictures that bring peace into a stressful life and make you stop for a bit, thinking of how life is beautiful.
I can write about her blog in a different post, it deserves one on its own. I can just say that the day I discovered her blog, I swear I read it all - I went back and read every single of her posts till the start of her blog. That was like a year ago.

Back to Kinfolk.

I finally received the package today. It came all the way from Portland (printed in Canada) to Austria. It took a month. I could not wait.

Today I opened the package with real care and flipped through the magazine without actually folding the pages so that they do not bend. I want to keep it fresh until I can sit down and read it.

It is beautiful and it has ZERO advertisement. Peace in mind. Love it although I haven't read a single page yet.

I will post pictures of it when I can catch some day light and when the moment is magical enough for me to actually bend the pages and dive in.

So happy.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Birthday cards from Rome

When in Rome over the New Years, I ran across a little shop selling paper goods. Such shops are heaven for me - I cannot resist looking through stamps, all sorts of paper, cards, pens and drawing material.

If you are the same and will be in Rome one day, the shop address is:
la Chiave
Large delle Stimmate, 28 - Roma

January is a month full of family birthdays for me and so I could not resist to buy these birthday cards. I think I would have bought them even if no birthdays were ahead :)

Both of the cards above are illustrated by Mila Marquis, who I found out is an illustrator living in Hamburg and who has this cute Etsy shop.

The card that is lying and features many pieces of men clothing and accessories is illustrated by Rita Berman, based in Frankfurt am Main, also Germany.

I put a lot of effort into selecting birthday cards and I always prefer illustrated ones. I like to imagine the process of how the drawing was created and like to research who is the illustrator so that I can read a little bit about their life.

I can't wait to send these!
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