Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A trip to Boesner - the biggest art supplies shop in Vienna

Today I finally made it to Boesner, the largest art supplies shop in Vienna. There is one more good art shop I know of in the center (Otto Kummer), but that one does not provide all I wanted, so I planned a trip to Boesner, which is on the city outskirt. I must say Boesner is not cheap, but it has all one could dream of when it comes to art material.

This is what I bought today and cannot wait to use:

1. Fabriano Watercolor paper, 300g, hot pressed. Hot pressed means that it has a silky smooth surface. I previously had a cold pressed version, which has a bit rougher surface.

2. da Vinci 3/0 brush. I often work on tiny details in my paintings, just yesterday I needed a smaller brush than my smallest one, so I am really happy to have this one now.

3. Schmincke colorless masking fluid. This fluid is great for covering small areas that you do not want color to enter. After you are done with drawing, you simply rub/ peel the dried fluid off, leaving you with white areas. So useful!

4. Small pan for colors. I ran out of space for new colors in my larger pan, so I needed a new one to put my new colors in. The pan is super cute :)

5. Schmincke watercolors. I really needed a darker shade of brown yesterday and whilst I was getting two new brown shades today, I also picked up some greens.

6. Beautiful wrapping papers. Not that I would particularly need those now, but you never know when you will need to wrap a gift into a gorgeous paper, right? I just could not leave those there, had to buy them.



Finally, this is my current set of all watercolors I work with:

I once read a quote somewhere, which went along the lines of "buying art material is always money well spent"; I must admit I think so too! :)

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  1. Hi! I really like your work and Schmincke Horadam watercolor is my favorite! :) I am also studying graphic design. I am wondering, how can I shopping at Boesner? I've heard only one card you need to be requested. What is the process? Unfortunately, I'm not so good in German language, so on the website did not find this information, however, I will soon travel to Vienna and would like to go into this art store!

    Thanks your help and have a nice day! :)


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