Friday, 27 December 2013

The best 2013 Christmas presents - what makes an artist happy

I loved every single present that I found under the tree. Every package came from either my beloved family or closest friends and I am very thankful to have such amazing people around me. 
I got however three presents that were absolutely spot on perfect. They are:

one - 1000 Paintings of Genius - I've been looking for a book which outlines the history of art century by century for a couple of months now and this is it! I could not be happier to have it.
two - International Arts & Crafts - A book that features stunningly beautiful floral patterns to keep me inspired.
three - A Boesner gift voucher - Boesner is the biggest art shop in Vienna, which has everything and anything that one might need for creative purposes. Books, tools for wood, glass paint, canvases, all brands of colors, Japanese papers, you name it - Boesner has it. I cannot wait to go there again.

What are your top three presents from your beloved ones?

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Buon Natale!

I found these absolutely lovely illustration Christmas cards all in one Pinterest board by Carolina Aloy MartĂ­nez here.
Illustrated cards evoke children books to me and thus make my Christmas even more magical as they bring back the memories me being a small child.
Enjoy and have a fantastic time with your family!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Oh la la!

I've ordered this beautiful set of envelopes from Oh la la paper store on Etsy. The package came all the way from the US and I was super excited when it came through the post!
It is a Christmas present for my grandma, she loves cats and she likes to write and send handwritten letters <3 (I love both too!)

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Work in progress

I have been quiet on the blog recently, but that is only because great things are to come!

Natalie Zart studio has been suffering from no internet in the last 3 weeks and so its been a bit hard for me to work properly, but I am happy to share news that are about to happen.

My artwork is getting a professional photo shoot this weekend with Daniel Auer - see his Facebook Page here:

Furthermore, the whole Natalie Zart blog will see a rebirth soon, which will be done by a graphic designer Amy Arthurs, whose work I fell in love with immediately. See her gorgeous blog here:

Keep your eye out for amazing changes to take place in the next 8 weeks!

I can't wait to be back with a completely fresh base to build Natalie Zart world on.

See you soon

Thursday, 14 November 2013

November painting: “Love your life”

I recently bought a colorless masking fluid from Schmincke (see my shopping post here). It is a white/ transparent liquid, which you can apply to a paper, wait till it dries (takes a few minutes) and then paint with watercolor over it. The areas where the masking fluid was applied stay colorless. Once your painting is done, you rub the dry masking fluid off, leaving you with areas that have not been touched by the watercolor.

VoilĂ !

(It pretty much works like sticking a tape on a paper and then painting over it, except it is a fluid, not a tape :)

I am really happy that I found the masking fluid in the art shop; I had to look through thousands of products, all with labels in German. I am not yet so good in German to be able to figure out how to say a colorless masking fluid, so asking the shop keepers for instructions where to find it was a big no go :D Once I had it in my hands, I immediately had ideas how to use it in my drawings.

I have spent 2013 practising drawing faces, which have been a big challenge for me in the past and in 2014, I would like to go back to including a little bit of typography/ design touch in my illustrations.

Hence the little text in my new blue hair fairy, which was born this November.

Please meet and remember to “Love your life”.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

First winter decorations - flowers, cards and paper wraps

This weekend I could not resist to buy a couple of things that already brought a light Christmasy feeling to our home.

First of all I absolutely had to get these red berries in a combination with very soft white flowers, I think they go together really nicely.

I then visited the Wedding Avenue in Gerngross shopping center, which is currently one of my favorite shops in Vienna where to buy birthday and seasonal cards, gift wraps and stationary decorations.

I figured that they re-sell products from Rifle Paper Co. and Paper Source, which produce exactly the style of paper and stationary I love - illustrated, colorful, simple, yet absolutely gorgeous products.  

The following beauties simply had to go home with me:
  • 2 Christmas Paper Wraps
  • A set of holiday greeting cards

Has Christmas slowly but surely made its way to your home too?

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Beautiful future ahead

Last night I finished a small sketch that I am quite happy to share. I must admit I have had a difficult time to draw in the past one month due to lots of work, darkness outside when I come home after work; but one evening this week I simply sat down, told myself not to care about the result of my drawing and ta-da, this came out. It just proved that one should not worry about temporary blues, there is a Beautiful future ahead.




Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A trip to Boesner - the biggest art supplies shop in Vienna

Today I finally made it to Boesner, the largest art supplies shop in Vienna. There is one more good art shop I know of in the center (Otto Kummer), but that one does not provide all I wanted, so I planned a trip to Boesner, which is on the city outskirt. I must say Boesner is not cheap, but it has all one could dream of when it comes to art material.

This is what I bought today and cannot wait to use:

1. Fabriano Watercolor paper, 300g, hot pressed. Hot pressed means that it has a silky smooth surface. I previously had a cold pressed version, which has a bit rougher surface.

2. da Vinci 3/0 brush. I often work on tiny details in my paintings, just yesterday I needed a smaller brush than my smallest one, so I am really happy to have this one now.

3. Schmincke colorless masking fluid. This fluid is great for covering small areas that you do not want color to enter. After you are done with drawing, you simply rub/ peel the dried fluid off, leaving you with white areas. So useful!

4. Small pan for colors. I ran out of space for new colors in my larger pan, so I needed a new one to put my new colors in. The pan is super cute :)

5. Schmincke watercolors. I really needed a darker shade of brown yesterday and whilst I was getting two new brown shades today, I also picked up some greens.

6. Beautiful wrapping papers. Not that I would particularly need those now, but you never know when you will need to wrap a gift into a gorgeous paper, right? I just could not leave those there, had to buy them.



Finally, this is my current set of all watercolors I work with:

I once read a quote somewhere, which went along the lines of "buying art material is always money well spent"; I must admit I think so too! :)

Friday, 25 October 2013

Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien - solo visit

This week I figured that the Kunsthistorisches Museum (Art History Museum) in Vienna is open on Fridays till 10pm. I immediately planned to visit it after work on Friday and that is exactly what I did.

The museum stands right across from the Natural History Museum, which I visited not too long ago.

I would say the Natural History Museum is quite fun for anybody to visit, whereas the Art History Museum can be, I presume, a little bit harder to enjoy unless one is a true art lover. I myself absolutely adore illustration, but I believe that it is important to see classical art and there is a lot to admire about it.

The museum building is quite grandiose, as well as its twin standing right across.

The first floor features Egyptian, Roman and Greek antiquities, which I must admit I am not so drawn to and so I kept my head up, I was looking at the ceilings. Every room had a fascinating, painted and finely decorated ceiling; for me the first floor was all about that :) The following picture, for example, is a painting on a ceiling!

One of the highlights that the Kunsthistorisches Museum is really well known for is a golden sculpture by Cellini - the Salt Cellar. An interesting fact is that this piece was stolen from the museum in 2003 and the thief, Robert Mang, has turned himself in as he was recognised by his acquaintances on surveillance photos.

At this time of day (Friday evening), the museum was almost empty, in some rooms I was the only person there. It felt a little mystical - it was dark outside, I walked through many empty rooms where the only sound that I could hear were occasional squeaks of the parquet flooring.

The second floor features classical paintings, some of which are extremely large pieces. It felt absolutely unbelievable to stand in front of a 3 meter tall painting done in 1617 by Peter Paul Rubens. A painting done 400 years ago, hanging right in front of me, in its full glory; I was hypnotized for a few moments.

In the past I have seen art students drawing in museums in London and also here in Vienna; I think it is quite normal to see people in museums with a sketchbook and a pencil, practicing their skills. What I however did not expect to see and have never seen before, is a painter who uses oil paints to be painting in a museum on an easel. I am personally not a huge fan of replicating classical pieces of art unless the artist gives it a significantly different twist. Let's hope he was just practicing :)

Overall I must say I am very content with having spent my Friday afternoon in the Art History Museum of Vienna. It was a relaxing and inspiring trip, which triggered various emotions in me. An evening very well spent I would say :)

Monday, 21 October 2013

Light Garlands

Last week I dropped by Tchibo shop here in Vienna to look for small presents as I was going to visit my family and friends back home over the weekend. There were a lot of Christmas-themed products already, I really liked some of their DYI card stamps, candles and Christmas cookie cutters; but there was one product which I simply had to buy for myself. It is a light garland made of 10 paper stars, which have cute cut outs in them. I immediately unpacked it at home, took out nails, hammer and a tape and hung the garland to my bedroom window. It feels magical when lid in the evening.

Light garlands evoke a Christmasy feeling, but I must admit I do not only associate them with winter and cold evenings at home when it is snowing outside. I absolutely adore any kind of light garlands - let it be indoor ones - colorful, any shapes - or outdoor ones for garden parties and naturally the Christmas tree ones.

Speaking of garlands I would like to share this absolutely adorable DYI project called the "DYI Dixie Cup Garland from (link to the project under the following picture):

Another absolutely beautiful garland, which proves that garlands do not have to be all about Christmas:

These lovely birds are from here

Finally, this is my new gorgeous Tchibo LED light garland that I bought last week. I love it. 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Naturhistorisches Museum Wien - self portrait

The other day my boyfriend and I visited the Naturhistorisches Museum Wien (the Natural History Museum Vienna).

Visiting this museum on a Sunday is definitely worth it, I felt like a small child on a field trip with class again. Going through the museum made me really excited and I enjoyed going to every new room there was. So much to look at!

The museum is an absolutely beautiful building itself, it was built in 1889 and feels like a palace. There are two floors - one with minerals, stones, dinosaurs and anthropology and the other floor full with various animals.

When having a coffee in the top floor, I took two shots of the beautiful dome, whilst my boyfriend took some shots of me. One of which I used as a reference for drawing my first ever self portrait.


Right across from the National History Museum is the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, which is the Museum of Art; that is still on my list of must-see places in Vienna. 

Both of these Museums are right in the city center and about a 1 minute walk to Hofburg (yet another palace, just much bigger) and a 1 minute walk the other direction is Museumsquartier, the arts and museums district. 

So if you love art and have a spare day in Vienna, definitely head the Natural History Museum direction, that is, right here (map).

Monday, 14 October 2013


Welcome to Natalie Zart world.

My name is Natalie Z and my life long passion is art. That is how Natalie Zart was born.

In this blog, I would like to share my own illustrations, art around me, artists that inspire me and all the beautiful things in my life that make me happy.

I will be very honored to hear your feedback, comments, any questions and suggestions.


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